REFRAME: Team Rice Bikes

This week, team Rice Bikes gained new insights via a survey filled out by nearly 100 Rice students. Our survey asked a variety of questions, and revealed the following:

  • Rice bikers bike pretty often: On a scale of 1-5, the average biker rates their frequency of biking to be 3.938.
  • Bikes break pretty often: 73.75% of respondents have broke or had problems with their bike.
  • Rice Bikes is popular but not visited by everyone: 57.58% of respondents visited Rice Bikes when their bike started malfunctioning.
  • Some people repair their bikes themselves: 25% of respondents have tools to fix their own bikes, and 27.5% have personally repaired their bikes in the past.
  • Some problems are more common than others: The most common problem for bikers were brakes, followed by chains and pedals.

During the Reframe step, we also thought a lot about who should distribute our eventual solution: should it be a decentralized entity such as individual colleges? Or should our solution be distributed by Rice Bikes? We decided on Rice Bikes because

  1. There is less accountability with a decentralized distributor
  2. There is college-to-college variation with a decentralized solution
  3. Rice Bikes has an existing infrastructure we can utilize for our solution

We also developed the following measures of success:

  • Short term: All new Rice Bikes customers see/utilize our solution
  • Medium term: Reported accidents on campus decrease by 10%
  • Long term: Rice Bikes experiences a 10% increase in business transactions

Finally, our research insights and some critical thinking about our role relative to Rice Bikes allowed us to develop our final, narrowed HCW:

How can we encourage bikers at Rice to regularly perform maintenance on their bikes?

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