This week our team focused on using feedback from Mid-Semester Review and using insights to develop our first prototype. We began with a key insight we gained from our community partner – that they were only targeting swim teams. We realized that this left an untapped market of athletes from other sports that could be reached out to in order to diversify the applicant pool. 

From there, we had to decide how we would best reach out to this new market. The result was a flyer that would be distributed to high school student athletes. We determined that such a flyer must include:

  • Benefits of working at YMCA, including mentioning that it helps build career and that it gives access to athletic facilities
  • How to apply
  • necessary qualifications

From there, we formulated our first prototypes. We made several iterations, some focused solely on content, some focused solely on aesthetic, and some balanced, in order to test which elements were working at the basic level. 

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