Reframe: New Hope Housing

This week we completed our “reframe” step of the design process, where we reflected on the data we had collected up until this point to come up with design goals, measures of success, and two “how can we” statements that guide us into next step where we begin to ideate. The data we examined here was primarily the notes we took during our conversations with our community partner at New Hope Housing and our external research on NHH. While our initial proposed problems space concerned the low attendance of some of the programs at NHH, we realized relatively quickly that … Continue reading Reframe: New Hope Housing

Montrose Grace Place: Mid-Semester Review

Approaching the mid-semester review, we wanted to give the community a good summary of the problem we are up against, as well as show everyone how we were planning on approaching our solution going forward in the design process. In our presentation, we wanted to clearly communicate the two major problems our card will address: outdated, irrelevant information, and a lack of helpful navigation information. We also wanted to establish measurable goals, like having our users report using the help card more than once. Lastly, we asked the audience if they could help us with our biggest question: how can … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Mid-Semester Review

Montrose Grace Place: Reframe

Going into reframe, we wanted to start to develop our design goals before going into the ideation process. We based our How Can We statements and our measures of success on the material we retrieved from interviewing our users from the Immerse phase, as well as the information from secondary sources and internet research we had done. Ultimately we decided on this HCW statement: How can we compile and present information about the navigation to and use of resources that youth at risk of homelessness would feel comfortable with? This statement encompasses both our concerns with the usability of the … Continue reading Montrose Grace Place: Reframe