Week 6 Reframe: Open Arch

After meeting with our community sponsor and other members of the Northside community at the charette, we decided to shift our focus to having the sign outside of St. Arnold’s.  With this change in setting, we also decided that our user entity could be re-narrowed back to a user persona – a young, caucasian professional. This allows us to safely assume that our users will have access to smartphones and the internet, which heavily influences what content needs to be present in our final design.  Regarding our design, we have decided on three main goals: it must be a clean … Continue reading Week 6 Reframe: Open Arch

Chapstick: test

Test #1– 4/6/2018 This Friday, we visited Clarewood House Retirement Community. We were able to visit 3 of the senior citizens that we previously met during our first visit. We brought in three different chapsticks to test our prototypes, , HCW statements, and  measure of success. This second visit has allowed us to gain a better insights and reshape aspects of our project.   Test #1- Color Test     Previously, we were unsure whether poor eyesight inhibited their ability to operate the chapstick. We assumed that most struggled to a certain degree due to their eye ability. However, to … Continue reading Chapstick: test

Chapstick: Brainstorm/Prototype/Build

PROTOTYPE! – 03/31/2018   Last week, we had brainstormed ideas; this week, we were able to bring those ideas to life through prototypes. We went to the OEDK and produced low-fidelity prototypes our ideas as shown in the pictures, using pipe cleaners, play-doh, rubberbands, and other available resources. Due to the limited number of chapstick we had, some of us used gluesticks to pose as chapsticks.   While prototyping, we created a chart to evaluate the pros and cons of each of the prototypes we made based off of our measures of success. Our measures of success include having an … Continue reading Chapstick: Brainstorm/Prototype/Build

Chapstick: immerse

For the immerse phase, team Chapstick took a visit to Clarewood House to interview users with arthritis and people of old age in general. We arrived with prepared questions for our users as well as three different versions of Chapstick containers. The objective was to get a live view of users interacting with different container types and identifying any physical challenges present. All users were eager to participate and offered not only project advice, but life advice in general. The interview process was difficult in getting follow up questions answered due to the nature of our users. We accommodated this … Continue reading Chapstick: immerse

Chapstickers: IDENTIFY

This first week we focused on research and problem spaces.  Specifically, we found the two most common forms of arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.  The former occurs when the cartilage between two bones wears away, resulting in bone-on-bone contact which can be extremely painful. The latter occurs when the body’s immune system attacks one’s own joint capsule lining which can also lead to pain.  With regards to different chapstick containers, there are many different kinds to consider. There is the classic cylindrical container that sports a pull-off cap, as well as one that is more of a tub in that, … Continue reading Chapstickers: IDENTIFY