Dish Drop ReDesign: IDEATE Community Studio

We concluded the UNDERSTAND half of the DFA design process and are heading into the CREATE phase with a reframed problem.

After analyzing the HCWs (“How Can We” statements) from REFRAME, the studio leads created the following HCW for studio wide ideating.

How can we guide a student with multiple dishes, a cup, and utensils to navigate the [servery] dish drop without colliding with any other students?

We split into groups and each chose a particular dish drop area from one of the 11 residential colleges at Rice to further narrow our ideating. The colleges that are being designed for and their team are as follows:

  1. Brown – Cesar, Taylan, Jason, Johan
  2. Duncan – Emma, Manlin, Beril, Claire
  3. Duncan – Shane, Shaurey, Rebecca, Nicole, Samuel
  4. McMurtry – Allison, Alec, Aitash, Angelo, Kate, Matthew
  5. McMurtry – Vinay, Christian, Stacy, Kaarthika, Jeffrey
  6. Will Rice – Mayu, Mike, Maddie, Medha, Natalie
  7. Martel – David, Maheen, Greg, Irene, Josie
  8. Lovett – Brendan, Connor, Emma Wu, Erik, Sam Wittman


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