Dish Drop ReDesign: IMMERSE Community Studio

The second workshop in our Dish Drop Community Studio project is IMMERSE. Using the user stories from last week, we identified some potential problems and users. The congestion of the dish drop area can have some unexpected consequences, a student diner reported “one time during the shuffle of putting up plates at Siebel I dropped my phone in the trash, which was gross.” Another student noticed how an Housing & Dining Employee “got stuck trying to collect plates and dishes and clog the flow of dish droppers.” There were also several observations about the dish drop area, like “Liquid disposal and cup area are across from each other.”

The goal of IMMERSE is to empathize with stakeholders, and uncover insights about your problems spaces through user research, secondary research, and synthesis. To kick of the process of user research, we have sent out our members to interview diners and staff at the dish drop area to get some user stories about the space.

We understood some of the experiences of H&D staff, like the extra time it takes them to empty the liquid waste when there is ice or other objects in it. Students also mentioned how the flow is especially difficult for individuals carrying multiple dishes.

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Secondary Research

We have done some secondary research on sketches of all 11 of Rice’s dish drop areas. These can be used to draw insights and IDEATE solutions down the road.

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2/3 Open Studio Photos

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