Arms Wide – Mid-Semester Review

This past Saturday, Team Arms Wide Adoption Allies presented in front of our studio, community partner, and friends for Mid-Semester Review. Our presentation covered our work so far, the insights we have made, and our proposal for a solution. Overall, the team did really well and we are very pleased with the positive feedback we have received!

The audience received our presentation really well. Our community partner, Melissa, also seemed really pleased with our presentation and solution. The excitement and support we’ve been given by Arms Wide has been great and a huge motivating factor.

The solution we offered was a two-pronged approach to address retention of prospective parents from the information session to submission of an application. The first prong is aimed at follow-up, and we hope to institute a series of automated emails that offer resources for parents and outline the next steps moving forward. The second prong is aimed at prong and is a Facebook group with prospective parents, parents going through the process, and parents who have completed the process. Our hope is that with moderation and prompting by Arms Wide staff members, families will be able to rely on each other for advice and support.

We received a lot of feedback that our solution is driven by our key insights, which is encouraging. We had some concerns about using Facebook as a platform since not everyone may have an account, but the team decided that Facebook is easier and will reach a wider audience of people than building an Arms-Wide specific support platform. We also received feedback about the type of content to post on the Facebook group — notably that testimonials are very powerful. We will keep this in mind during our upcoming prototyping phases and discussion with Arms Wide.

Thank you to everyone who came and gave feedback. If you missed the presentation check out our slides here!

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