ScootAASS: Ideate

This week we narrowed down our solution ideas by thinking about what solutions would be feasible to implement in one semester, cost effective, and actually target our problem space.

Initially, we focused on both carrying food and potentially reaching food. We decided to go forward with a tray idea that would target the first problem space. The tray would have anti-slip material on it, which would be available at every servery (~2-3 trays per servery).

To go into more detail, we wanted to attach the tray to the scooter. This would make it easier to carry more food, and could also help with things spilling. The tray could be compartmentalized, which would let people put drinks in it. A problem, however, could be figuring out a feasible and easy mechanism for the tray to attach to the scooter. We also weren’t sure if this solution alone would be enough to solve the problem space.

A variation on this concept would be to just have a tray (nonattachable). This could be more convenient if attaching the tray is a burden on the user, or if the location of the tray restricts the user.

Another concept was to target reaching food. We could change the serving utensils to ones with longer, angled handles, which would ease the reaching.

Next week will be our Mid-Semester Review! Hopefully we can receive good feedback on our initial ideas and start seeing which ones will work best.

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