The following are prototypes we’ve created for our third testing session:

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Key Takeaways from Testing Session III

  • Overall goal: To help value shoppers shop with the intention of buying produce by formulating either mental or physical shopping lists
  • Users would like tips on how to cook these vegetables, especially if they are unfamiliar
  • Some users buy whatever is cheap at the store but don’t know which fruits or vegetables are in season
  • Some users aren’t sure if their children will eat the food that they buy
  • Most users worry about budget (at least sometimes)
  • Quotes
    • “This (pairing card) would help me make a list before going shopping.” – Brighter Bites participant, Value Shopper
    • “I us ually buy whatever is cheap at the store.” – Brighter Bites participant, Value Shopper
  • Potential improvements
    • Make a child-friendly version of this prototype with pictures to encourage children to look over the options too
    • Switch the produce words on the card to icons and then have a key for the icons on the back of the card, along with tips on how to prepare the respective produce (would need to have a large gap on the back of the slider to be able to see this information)
    • Conduct more research into which combinations work
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